The Classics of Charleston

The Classics of Charleston

The Drive with Ryan Blake - The Classic of Charleston

Winter College Basketball Tournaments are the first sparks of excitement for all the worker-bees in the life of the roundball. Journalists begin to establish year-long narratives, the NBA scouts are carrying bigger notebooks, coaches plan their first back-to-back games and the players test their bodies for 3 games in 4 days.

The City of Charleston provides one such tournament called the Charleston Classic. In a city voted the best small city in America, I decided to provide a few Classics of my own on the day-off between games.



Northeastern University’s Senior Pont Guard, Vasa Pusica, traveled from Serbia to the States on a journey that took him to basketball stops in the Midwest and the West Coast before landing in Boston as a Player of the Year Candidate.



Still wanting to chase down more Charleston Classic flavors, I rode to West Ashley for brunch at the oldest bar in Charleston, Gene’s Haufbrau, to talk history with Co-owner Jason Stalker in this beautifully historic and gritty bar.



Charleston’s own Poet Laureate, artist and Grammy eligible musician, Marcus Amaker, met me at Gene’s Haufbrau for a few drinks to talk about Charleston, His Life, Prince and his favorite team… the San Antonio Spurs.

Involuntarily Retired

Involuntarily Retired